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Industrial Control Systems

The humble pallet is a part of most businesses today, but with floor spacing becoming an ever more expensive commodity, and with further legislation as to what employees can lift- How do you store the pallets? Simtech Automation has a solution for this with the Pallet Stacker which stores and dispenses pallets without any manual handling

Simtech Automation prides itself on developing customer specific solutions and to do this we design, develop and build control systems mainly for Industrial laundries and Materials Handling system.

We work with a variety of manufacturers from Siemens, Mitsubishi, and B&R.Not only does Simtech Automation provides service & maintenance and technical support for all of the systems that it provides but it also provides 24/7 emergency breakdown service, and also remote support for a lot of other systems.

  • Flatbed Conveyor systems
  • Overhead Rail System
  • Temperature Validation Systems

Temperature Validation

Simtech Automation supplies a solution to record batches of work go through an industrial laundry and verify that they all had been subjected to the required disinfection criteria.

The Temperature Validation & Batch Recording System (TVS) was developed for laundries that need to validate and record the wash temperatures that wash batches are exposed to.

This enables the laundry to comply to CFFP Healthcare Guidelines, or as part of ISO9001. In some instances, this is a necessity for their client particularly when processing Food Processing garments.

The system can be installed on Washer Extractors or Continuous Batch Washers and involves an independent temperature probe being installed on the machine. This is connected to the TVS which is controlled by the central server. The user can input the required wash temperature and time required for the batch to remain at that temperature in order to get the batch totally sterilised.

Once the process is completed the result is then stored in the database which shows the batch number, time and temperature data along with a pass or fail result. Should a batch fail the operator is alerted to this by the means of a beacon or alarm. As an alternative the system can override the machine door lock so that the contaminated goods stay in the machine until they have passed.


  • Conforms to ISO 9001 and CFPP Healthcare Guidelines
  • ndependent Temperature Verification and Batch Traceability
  • Easy installation and easy expansion of the system if required in the future
  • Up to 9 User defined time/temperature program targets
  • User friendly User Interface
  • Results stored on central exportable database
  • Operator alerted should a batch fail