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Pallet Storage Solution

Simtech Automation has the solutions for automated pallet stacking and dispensing, without the need for manual handling.

The humble pallet is a part of most businesses today, but with floor spacing becoming an ever more expensive commodity, and with further legislation as to what employees can lift- How do you store the pallets? Simtech Automation has a solution for this with the Pallet Stacker which stores and dispenses pallets without any manual handling.


Simtech Automation offers the Pallet Stacker which stacks and dispenses pallets. The Pallet Stacker comes in numerous sizes for stacking between 15-50 pallets which caters for every business that uses pallets and can stack Euro Pallets but also has the option to stack 1200x1000mm pallets as well.

Below is text extracted from Health and Safety Executive Guidance on Pallet Safety

Accidents directly attributable to pallets are usually caused by:

  • poor design, construction or repair
  • using inferior materials
  • using a pallet which is unsuitable for a particular load, handling or storage method, e.g. pallets taken at random from a ‘mixed bag’ of used pallets for which the original specification is not known
  • unsafe stacking resulting in falling stacks or pallets
  • handling problems caused by mixing smaller Europallets (800 mm x 1200 mm) with larger UK pallets (1200 mm x 1000 mm) in racking systems. The smaller pallet may fall from the rack beams or be displaced by the larger pallet
  • continuing to use a damaged pallet
  • bad handling techniques
  • pallets being used in an unsuitable environment
  • Space Saving
  • Quick Availability Fast Dispense/Retrieval of Pallets
  • Eliminates Manual Handling of Pallets
  • Neatly stacks pallets which can then be removed and stored

Pallet Stacker 15

The Pallet Stacker 15 has the option to store 15, 20, 25 or 30 pallets, and come with the 3-sided wall protection. The easy use control allows users to add/remove single pallets very easily by placing the pallet truck under the elevated pile of pallets. The Pallet Stacker 15 is an ideal for areas where forklifts trucks have no access, and pallets are frequently used in the area. The system allows fast and easy access to pallets without the need for manual handling.

Pallet stacker 50

The Pallet Stacker 50 is the largest stacker available and can store 50 pallets. The system allows the user to add/remove up to 5 pallets at any one time, which is a lot quicker than a forklift truck. The Pallet Stacker 50 is fully enclosed and can be used internally and externally.