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Linen Scanning

The Laundry Industry’s Most Advanced Automatic Linen Inspection and Quality Control Scanning System.

The Mobics Ai Scan automatically detects and recognises stains, tears and holes on both sides of the item to assure production and delivery of high quality bed and table linen. It can also classify, sort and count flatwork based on size, colour, patterning and/or logos. All touch screen parameters are customised by colour, size and linen area to meet any progressive laundry operator needs.


The Mobics Ai Scan has been specially developed for the high-volume laundry industry that insists on consistent quality control tailored to their specific needs and criteria. 

The system can handle large amounts of flatwork at high running speeds and has additional features to better manage the workflow and rejects.

Scanner Features

  • Fits onto every manufacturers folding machine
  • Stable/Robust and requires little maintenance
  • User friendly and remote support available through the www
  • Adjustable sorting/rejection for every type of linen
  • Able to scan coloured linen, patterned and with logos
  • Suitable for both large pieces and small pieces like napkins and kitchen towels.
  • Double side scanning with the Retro-Light Feature
  • Speed up to 65 meters per minute with full resolution
  • Up to 6 lane operation
  • High imaging resolution (1mm²)

Benefits of Linen Scanning

Why should you invest?
  • Reduce Labour Costs
  • Increased Productivity
  • Guaranteed Consistency of Quality
  • Allows Quality Benchmarks to be set depending on price being paid by end customer.


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