Specialised Automated Solutions

Simtech Automation is a worldwide leading provider of bespoke automated solutions for many industries. At Simtech Automation we understand that not one size fits all, so we provide customised products and solutions for every client’s needs.

Our main products and services are


Materials Handling

We are a partner to FTS Fördertechnikservice GmbH (FTS) who provide Overhead transport systems that are used to store, sort and transport items ranging from single garments to gondolas carrying 100kg of parts used in manufacturing industries.


Linen Scanning

Simtech is a leading partner of Mobics BV who provide Quality Control Linen Scanning Equipment called the Mobics AiScan, Simtech is a distributor for this system in the UK and Ireland and provides service and support for all the many systems in the UK as well as customers Overseas.


Industrial automated cleaning solution

We are a partner with Jetstream Aire Fans who provide Automated systems, mounted at High Level for cleaning in various Industries. The most popular of which are Industrial Laundries, Paper and Tissue Manufacturers and Bakeries.


Tailored Industrial Control Systems

We work with all of the major control system OEMS from Siemens, Mitsubishi, and B&R to provide bespoke automated solutions for our Materials Handling products and Temperature Validation Systems.


At Simtech Automation we take our customers all of the way through the process from initial meetings and concept, through to final design, installation and aftersales support including service and spare parts. Simtech Automation prides itself on knowing its products extensively. We are a technical company and so you will deal with only competent and practical people that can give support all of the way through the process and give accurate answers and solutions FAST!