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Materials Handling

Simtech Automation provide Overhead transport systems that are used to store, sort and transport items ranging from single garments to gondolas carrying 100kg of parts used in manufacturing industries.

Simtech Automation has a long association with the materials handling industry and has a wealth of experience in taking its customers from designing a bespoke system individual to their needs, all the way through to installation, commissioning and after sales support and service. Simtech Automation supplies and manufactures overhead rail systems called SimRail. SimRail is based on best in class industry design and our wealth of experience in overhead handling systems. 

 SimRail is based on best in class industry design and our wealth of experience in overhead handling systems.

The systems can be used in the following sectors.

  • Textile and Apparel
  • Automotive and Manufacture
  • Small and Flat Goods
  • Textile processing and Spinning
  • Distribution and Logistics

Fully Automated Trolley

The detailed design of the SimRail Trolley allows it to be captive on the rail, unlike other systems whose trolleys can fall from the top of the rail causing potential Health and Safety issues. This arrangement also allows a heavier load to be carried compared to many other systems. The SimRail trolley is so flexible that it can be very easily removed from the rail by an operator, simply by depressing the two springs on the trolley wheels. The trolley is also able to be coupled with other trolleys on a system which allows the operators to build a ‘train’ of trolleys to be pulled around a system which saves a lot of time and labour. This is particularly used in hanging garment applications.

Whether you are loading or unloading a vehicle at a loading bay, the SimRail loading boom will streamline the process.

The design is such that the boom is cantilevered into the vehicle so that unlike many competitors a floor support in the trailer is not required. SimRail manufacture 6m and 9m booms depending on the size of trailers used, the booms are controlled using a remote-control handset

Automotive and Manufacture

Simtech Automation have supplied numerous systems to the automotive and manufacturing industry. The client’s motivation to have such a system is that it gives increased density of storage, gives greater efficiency in workflow and minimises manual handling which can cause damage to the product and plant. Each system we provide is unique to the client and the plant, with our partners to create turnkey installations for the client. Each product that we carry is different and as a result of this we work with our partners to create a gondola that will maximise the amount of items stored and also protect the product from damage. Often the gondolas are 1m x 1.8m in size and have a weight when fully loaded of 100kg. in these systems we use Heavy Duty Trolleys.

Small & Flat Goods

Using the SimRail Gondolas as shown in the picture, allows users to store and hold small and large items of varying size that are often difficult to carry. The SimRail Gondolas can be used with or without tote bins, the gondolas can be used on the standard tracks, and can also be used in conjunction with hanging garment trolleys. The Gondolas are ideal for picking and fulfilling orders. We have also found that many customers have a product range containing many SKUs and require an automated fulfilment system which we are also able to provide.


Textile and Apparel & Distribution and Logistics

The original SimRail system was developed for the storage and transportation of hanging garments in bulk. We have many installations with numerous Fashion Retailers and Logistics providers, using the rail system in both manual and fully automated methods of using the trolleys for bulk storage. Besides using trolleys, Simtech Automation also have the technology to store or sort individual hanger items.


Sorting Storing and Sorting Individual Hangers

Simtech Automation have an excellent aluminium slick rail, which allows the individual hangers to glide quietly and effortlessly along the slick rail unlike the conventional steel slick rail systems which require the rail to be waxed. With the easily manipulated switch points it makes manual transportation of single garments extremely easy without any falling from the slick rail onto the floor.

For the more automated systems Simtech automation have a variety of conveyors ranging from power and free, brush, screw, hook, pin and clip to enable storage and transportation of the items.

The garments can be fully tracked and sorted using barcode or RFID. Simtech Automation also supply an automated hook sorter that’s capable of sorting 12,000 garments/hour. The system can operate with plastic and metal hangers, which can be automatically loaded and unloaded onto a SimRail trolley. If the items cannot be fitted onto a hanger then they can be stored in a pouch.